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A Message from Our Late Founder & CEO...
Maame Jane

TMC Founder, Maame Jane
I have always been fond of children growing up in Ghana. I remember helping my late grandmother take care of the Sunday School class and the Girls Fellowship at church. As a young girl, I was always helping my siblings and making sure that everyone was okay. Anytime that I visited my grandmother, I would group all the neighborhood children and play with them. l loved the children.

During my visit to Ghana in 2012, I decided to visit one of the Nursery and Primary Schools in Ankamu. The idea to join them was spontaneous; I heard them singing as they assembled for worship one morning and immediately wanted to join them. I made it my goal to participate in one of their assemblies before I returned back to New York two weeks later. The teachers were excited that I wanted to be involved and opened their doors without hesitation. Upon visiting, I noticed that some of the young children weren’t able to participate in school lunch because their parents didn’t have enough pesewas to give them for School lunch. I was disheartened by the scene, knowing that some privileges (such as school lunch and supplies) were accessible to some kids and not all.

When I began to envision the mission for the Tender Mercy Care (TMC) Foundation, I knew that its purpose would be to support and help underprivileged children who attend Primary Schools in different villages. In Ankamu, and its surrounding villages in the Central Region, I remember observing the ratio of children working in the marketplace to the ones going to school.

Some children don’t have a choice – they have responsibilities that include helping their parents collect food and resources at the farm. They are also told to sell these items at the marketplace, making them unavailable to enroll in classes. In other cases, children live with grandparents who are unable to provide them with the supplies necessary to attend these schools. Education has always been something that I hold close to my heart and TMC will allow for us to make education more accessible to underprivileged children. To demonstrate my love for God, I plan to use this organization to help these children.

TMC was launched on March 14, 2015 at Wesley Methodist Church in Brooklyn, New York. Officiated by Rt. Rev. Benjamin K. Asare, SMC of Methodist Church Ghana. North America Mission, Very Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Asare Kusi, Very Rev. Samuel Acquaah-Arhin, Very Rev. Moses Antwi, Very Rev. Joseph Osei Amankwah, and a few others, these Ministers graced the occasion.

The inauguration brought together church members, family, and friends. We raised enough money and supplies to support the first batch of donations that would be sent to Ghana. These items consisted of children’s clothes, toys, and basic school items (notebooks, pencils, crayons, school bags). The success behind this commencement was essential to the beginning of our mission to support those children in need.